Friday, December 30, 2011

Passionately Curious

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein
This quote is special to me, because frankly, I too am passionately curious.......I ask questions, I read,
I ask more questions.  There are times I drive Rick crazy, he tells me I should have been a detective or questions drive him up the wall.

I wanted to know all the answers even as a child......why, how, where, when?  I was a teacher's nightmare.
I drove my mother up the wall, so she gave me books to read.  My brothers and sisters did the same thing,
when I would deluge them with questions, they gave me books to read.  Rarely am I ever surprised by an ending to a movie or book......that is a gift and a curse.

When I meet someone, I try not to bombard them with questions, but I am just always curious.....I truly do want to know about them, to understand them, to connect with them.    Where did this natural curious nature come from?  See, I am even curious about myself!!!!

For years, it appeared that I was the only person in my family with this quirk, but my nephew Haven
has morphed into a curious creature too, he even looks like me!  So does this mean because we look alike, we think alike?????  Ha!  Also, my great nephew Jordan is exhibiting a great natural curiosity , he is almost four, so it will be interesting to see how his develops.

No, I am not nosy, I am not pushy, just interested, simply curious. Lots of things fascinate me, people
places......I find this world  an amazing place, full of wonder and excitement,  nothing in it is boring.
I think we should all become a little more curious, notice people and places, ask questions.......
become......passionately curious.


  1. You're the kind of person who would be good on a talk show. I feel I go through life missing the details and wishing I could be more observant and ask great questions. I do think life is about being able to open those "gifts" that we're born with. I just hope I don't leave any still wrapped up before I leave this life!

  2. Oh I'm naturally very nosey! I'm only all ears though. I listen, listen, listen and fill the gaps in my head about this person and that! LOL! But I keep them to myself and use them to create characters for stories!

    Take care

  3. I am also curious and I don't find that bad :)

    Happy new year and may 2013 bring you many smiles!

  4. Nothing wrong with being curious it is how we as humans learn, curious people make great reporters and cops and of course bloggers.......

  5. They say curiosity killed the cat ... but satisfaction brought him back. Curiosity fuels our minds, and the pursuit of knowledge keeps life exciting. Never, never, never stop asking questions. (Not in my plans to stop, either). Happy New Year!