Monday, December 19, 2011

No Panic Yet

No, for anyone who is interested, I am not through with my Christmas shopping, nor am I finished with the painting of Christmas cards, no gifts have been wrapped.........let's see how many days until Christmas?

So, in the morning, if all goes according to plan, the cards will be done and will be done tomorrow afternoon, and wrapping, well maybe Thursday if all goes well.  Also, cookies and biscotti will be baked on Thursday......and again on Christmas Eve.

Strangely I am not in a has to be all the yoga.....or maybe it is just the realization that no matter what, it all works out.  Of course, by Friday.......I might be in a straight jacket!

But, I am very very tired, Blackie Bear is waiting for me to go to bed, so he can sleep.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. It will be all over before we know it.

  2. I helped my mom bake cookies for five hours today. It was hard, but also fun. Christmas can be a lot of work!

  3. Awww hugs to gorgeous Blackie Bear!!

    I'm most impressed you bake your own biscotti!! I'm yet to succeed!
    LOL! Take care