Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Thoughts on Blackie Bear

Blackie Bear is not a happy dog, the new collie has decided to take his place in the office while I write.
There is quite a bit of snarling, some deep grunts and guess what.......Blackie wins!  Calliou moves to the hall, Blackie regains his spot by "momma"!

Bear is the oldest, and  I am his......somehow years ago, he decided I was his property.  He tolerates my petting of the other dogs.  He allows Buddy ( my mom's dog) to sit on the couch with me......but I have to pet the others when Blackie is not around.  The past few weeks Blackie's protective nature has grown,
I'm not sure if he is afraid to be left alone, or he is that worried about me.

When  I took the dogs for a walk this morning,  the others ran in wild abandon like they usually do,
but Bear stays close to me........I changed my path a little this morning,  thinking he would continue on the old one, he did for about ten seconds.......then he charged through the woods to catch up with me.
He has been with me for many  many Christmases......he is grey and frail,  I know our Christmases together  are numbered.  I can't even let myself think how my life will be without him.

I think tonight I am as ready for bed as Blackie.........
he says good night, sweet dreams


  1. It's hard to watch our pets get older.

  2. Always hard when a beloved pet is aging. Glad you can 'all' go for walks.

  3. Awww Blackie Bear is precious and totally amazing!! May you both continue to have lots and lots of Christmasses together! Take care

  4. He knows his job is to take care of you :-)

  5. I had a cat that just somehow knew when I wasn't feeling well. When I had a stomach ache he'd always lie across my belly and purr...come to think of it, when he was really young he'd accompany me and my family on neighborhood walks...quietly following behind us.