Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beware a Busy Life

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life"  - Socrates

During this "busy season" I try to remind myself of this quote often.  It is true you know, think about when you are so busy, how barren, how empty your life becomes.  You hurry and scurry from one place, event, whatever to the next.  You constantly watch the clock, thinking of all the things you have to do.
With the hustle and bustle, do you take time for your self and others?  Do you do good things for your
body and your spirit?  Do you take the time for good nutrition or just make a pass at the next drive through?

When you are "so busy" do you do anything well, or do you  just get things done?  During this holiday season do you rush from one family function to the next, never enjoying any of them?  Do you find yourself so busy that you wish the holidays were over?  Are you so tired from you trying to accomplish all that is on your to do list you collapse in bed each night?

Through the years I have been guilty of all of the above.........and there are some regrets.  If I could give anyone advice now, I would say pick and choose.   Pick the family functions that mean the most to you, (not to others) choose traditions that have meaning for you, slow down........take time to look at the lights, look up at the stars, and allow yourself to be happy.  It is not your responsibility to
"make" the holidays perfect.  You really don't have to be everywhere and do everything.
Don't max out your credit cards on will end up in debt and full of resentment.

You want this season to be full.......of goodwill, sharing meals, peace toward your fellow man, enjoying the beauty of the lights and music,  and time for reflection.  You don't want the barrenness that is the residue of a "busy" life.  You don't want to find yourself at the end of the year, in a mountain of crumpled wrapping paper, exhausted, and thrilled that the season is over, filling empty and disappointed.  Let this season enrich your life,  restore your hope, and give you joy........slow down
and feel  the peace, the stillness of a cold winter's night and the laughter and smiles of the children.


  1. Oh yes I am enjoying the way our life has a slower, easier pace. Our kids seem to adjust as do the grandkids!

  2. For the first time ever my family have decided to just concentrate on a get together with a good christmas meal! No more gift giving - just good food and good company!! And we all say, Amen to that! Yay! Take care

  3. Every year during the holiday season I do a little less and appreciate a little more.


  4. "Slow down and feel the peace." Yes!