Monday, December 5, 2011

Made with Love

Tomorrow would have been my mom's has been six years since her passing.  I drive by her house, everything still looks the same.  I wonder if the family who lives there now has any inkling of the memories that are stored in that house, good and bad.  My mom and dad both died there.  But there were incredible meals,  and loud, laughing get togethers there.  Grandchildren climbed those trees, picked the flowers and and sat in her swing,  Someone was always stopping by for a visit,  and a piece of cake or pie.

Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations in that little blue house  will be remembered for many years to come.  Momma was most always in the kitchen,  or coming up the steps from the basement.  Her laundry room was downstairs,  but so was her beloved quilting frames.  All the kids and grand kids cherish those quilts she made.

She and I  did our Christmas shopping together,  I did her tree, her Christmas cards.  Since she passed, I have done most of my shopping on line, going shopping is just not the same.  I would wrap all her gifts and then come home and wrap mine.  Birthdays were never much of a big deal with her, but Thanksgiving and Christmas were......and it was all about the food.  Christmas presents at our house
were secondary, food was the major focus.  She planned for weeks what she would cook, we would go grocery shopping for days, all over the county  getting everything that would make the perfect meal.

For momma,  people coming to her house, sharing a meal......that was life.   Rick tells everyone that I got my mom's gift for cooking.  I do love to cook for our friends and family, not only did my mom teach me her recipes, but she taught me the most important ingredient in a  Her theory, if you didn't cook with love, no matter how great the recipe or how good the ingredients.......for the meal to be great,
it had to be cooked with love.

Tomorrow, since I can't wish her a Happy Birthday......I'll cook a great meal, made with love.......and think of momma.  Happy Birthday Momma.


  1. What lovely memories. Enjoy your meal made with love tomorrow.

  2. How beautiful. I'm sure she will be in the kitchen with you beaming with pride at what a wonderful cook you have become and what a beatiful family she helped create.

  3. You have beautiful memories, and I'm thankful for that for you. Blessings to you tomorrow.

  4. Your mom sounds so very special. I'm glad you have such warm memories of her home.

  5. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mum! I just know your meal tommorow will be wonderful! Take care

  6. What a beautiful, touching post in honour of your dear mum for her birthday tomorrow, and what a wonderful way to remember her by making a lovely meal. I drive past my mum's old house sometimes and, as you say, it looks just the same, but there are so many of my childhood memories there.

  7. Sweet memories and a great tribute to your Mom. You were both lucky to have a close and loving relationship. I hope your meal is truly delish!

  8. Today would have been your mother's birthday. What did you prepare to honor her memory? You were so blessed to have been given her for your mom.