Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wasted Heart

I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies tonight......Love Actually.  There is a line in the movie where one of the characters talks of his "wasted heart".   That phrase, "wasted heart" brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  The character is speaking about wasting his love on someone who loves his best friend......but there are a lot of wasted hearts out there.  Hearts that are wasted on loving the wrong
person, the wrong things, the wrong places.  Hearts that have been given to those who were unappreciative, who were cruel and unloving.

Hearts have been wasted on following dreams that were never fulfilled,  hearts that followed paths that led to nowhere.  Hearts that were given and then tossed aside because they were old, or fat or not pretty enough, or just thought to be boring.  Hearts that were used up, by people, and causes, by beliefs, and ideologies, wasted hearts, shells that once beat proudly for the good of all.

Wasted heart, given along with a wasted soul for a cause that was unworthy.  Wasted heart......and time and energy,  the heart you can salvage......the time and energy are gone for ever.
A wasted heart, may become hardened, cynical,  and cold.  Walls build around a wasted heart, and as the years go by, they become thicker and stronger,  insulating the heart until it starves ......and then it is wasted forever.

Many of us have probably wasted our hearts at some point in our lives, and hopefully, we pressed on,
wiser, stronger, more careful........but what about those whose wasted hearts barely beat, so used,
they are mere shells  that once housed vibrant living energy.  It shows in the eyes, the look of defeat, accepting and acknowledging, they have wasted the center of their being.  It's not too late, a wasted heart needs tender love and care.......human kindness and touch......the understanding that hearts mend, lives can be regained, and spirits heal.......and that love actually really is all around us.


  1. I think for me the tragedy lies when there isn't anyone or thing to help mend these broken hearts! Now that's really sad cos all things are repairable - it's just being able to find the strength and support to do so!

    Take care

  2. Loved your line: 'It's not too late, a wasted heart needs tender love and care'!

  3. You are right, there are many times in life when we waste our hearts on stuff that's just not worth it. I try and think of those times as teaching moments. Hopefully not to happen again! Some of those teaching moments have truly hurt. Thanks for a great post again.

  4. When you give your heart to the right person or thing after it has been wasting for so long, the joy is incredible.