Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 I love dragons.  Not quite sure when this fixation began, but I have several pieces of dragon jewelry.
One necklace ( a vintage piece)  is rumored to look just  like a piece that Janis Joplin wore.
It is a massive piece, and every time I wear it, some one comments about it.
 A friend gave me a tiny silver dragon on a black silk cord,  I wear it almost daily along with my
Tibetan prayer coin,  they are my talismans.
I have dragon earrings (vintage) and a dragon bracelet, also vintage.  They are pieces that spoke to me as soon as I saw them.

Many dragon pieces are ferocious looking, but I find a great deal of beauty in their intricate markings.
They project a strength and braveness that I envy.  It is no wonder, that in the Chinese zodiac, my sign
is yep, you guessed it.......The Dragon.

I also have a crystal dragon that hangs in my window, next to my spirit ball.  The two of them catch
the sun and make me smile every time I look at them.  By the way, one of the most requested songs that we do......Puff, the Magic Dragon!


  1. 'Dragons live forever...'! I am not surprised your talisman is a dragon...fearless and full of fire!

  2. One of my ultimate favourite films no longer shown - shame! is Pete's Dragon! Do you know the song from this film? I think it's called "It's not easy"


    'Cause it's not easy
    To find someone who cares
    It's not easy
    To find magic in pairs
    I'm glad I found him
    I love him
    I won't let him get away
    'Cause it's not easy

    Love it!

    Take care

  3. I was going to mention Pete's Dragon too :-) I love that film.

  4. Have you read the books by Shana Abe'? I am enchanted with them and own two of her books. The Smoke Thief and The Dream Thief. You would like them.

  5. I love dragons, Jilda. And I would totally wear something that Janis supposedly wore. Tell me she wore a certain brand of undies and I would wear those undies. Tell me she didn't wear undies, and I would stop . . . . Well, I don't think I can go quite that far. Too scary and uncomfortable.