Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Bigger Heart

A week of rest,  I truly thought that I would accomplish so very much this being my first week off in two years and all.   Ha!  Most of my time has been spent with the dogs, with Rick, napping
and cooking.........not wasted by any means, but truly not what I had planned.

Rick has done yoga almost every day........I have done none, though I have managed to walk these woods with our pack of dogs.  It has been a week of soul searching and what ifs......there is still uncertainty,
but there is always hope.  I will be so happy when my energy has been so long, I might not recognize it!

The sunset this evening was winter at her best.......(I know I have the new phone and didn't take a photo)
but the blaze was along the horizon before I saw it.  The bare trees looked stately against the blood orange
of the sky.  Tonight the stars are twinkling in the chill of December's final nights, January and the new year  are almost here.  Today, everything looked fresh and many ways it was.....I had been given a reprieve.

Thank you all for your kind words and shared joy last night, the energy of kindness can be felt great distances, and love has no boundaries.  I wish my heart were bigger, so that it could hold more gratitude.  Blessings to you and yours, for love, and joy, and good health......may we all share the abundance.


  1. I recently began reading your blog and find your writing very thoughtful... I like your style of sharing and reflection... Happy New Year to you and yours...


  2. It's a blessing to be able to share good news and a comfort to share the bad. Thank goodness this time, it was good news.

  3. A woman only gets a vacation when she leaves the house and sleeps in hotels. We used to camp a lot when hubby was on vacation, but it was a lot of work for me. Now we stay in hotels and I am happy! I hope you get your strength back.

  4. Beautiful Jilda!! Your week was the best - and of course the new year promises more positiveness for you! Take care

  5. Glad you had a week of rest and reflection. You share your energy and love of life with so many in lots of ways, so it is nice to hear you have a chance to re-fuel.

  6. Every day is a gift. Regardless if you are healthy or not. We all need to stop and smell the roses along the way.Glad you got some rest! Hugs.

  7. Seeing as this is your first week off in two years, I don't blame you for R&Ring, I'm sure it has done you a world of good :)

    Thanks for visiting me and becoming a new follower! I wish you bountiful blessings in the coming New Year.

  8. Sounds like you spent the time off doing the best of things, if not the specific things you had in mind...I'm so glad your health check up was good news and I hope 2012 brings only great things to you and Rick. Happy New Year Jilda!