Monday, September 19, 2011

Yoga First

Well, when I was teaching my yoga class tonight,  I experienced a first........the class had gone great, and everyone
was lying on their mats, getting ready for savasana(relaxation).  A couple of students wanted chairs to put their feet up, and I stood up to get chairs for them......HOLY MOLEY.......the room started to spin, my legs went
wonky and I fell!  Scared the students, ( ha, now try to relax) and gave Rick the opportunity to make a joke about me having a margarita before class( no, I did not).

So embarrassing, yoga teacher crashes to the floor.......lesson learned if you get up fast and the room spins,
stand still until spinning stops......move slow!  So not only is my pride bruised, but so is my rear.
I have had some problems with dizziness since all the infections I had this summer, so now with ego shattered,
and thankfully hip was not, will listen to my body.  I had also taught three classes back to back with no food since around noon today.  Ok, so teacher has learned several lessons today.

Of all nights I had a new student, but thankfully we laughed about it, and I hope she comes back.  It is true when I tell my students every class I teach is different!

Time to take my bruised body and ego to bed.....tomorrow is another day.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. As long as you are ok I know what it is like to suffer dizzy spells often I will get very dizzy when I lay down and no one can tell me why......

  2. Heheh you made me laugh.Trying to picture it:)Maybe you jsut stood up too quickly:)

  3. Wow, this could have been serious. Low blood pressure is one thing. You might want to check that out. And no food will definitely cause that. No more falling allowed. Take care.

  4. Do take care will you? Have some blood analysis!

  5. Number one rule for teacher: Take care of yourself.