Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Good Hair Day

Haircuts can some times be rites of passage.......especially for women.  After a summer of illness, I looked at myself in the mirror this past weekend and thought change, you need a change.  My hair had grown a lot during the summer months, and I just had not taken the time for a cut......actually, I had not felt like going in for a cut.

Now I have great hair, thick coarse with lots of body, hair that will curl or straighten.......I know, I am lucky.
But, I had felt kinda frumpy the past few weeks, so I started to look at hair styles.  I had seen a photograph of Patti Hansen (Keith Richard's wife) and she had this killer shaggy hair cut.......guess, so do I.

What is it about women's hair that makes us get crazy?  Do men get depressed with bad hair days?
(no, they do as Rick and just put the clippers to their head)  A woman can get out of bed in a great mood, and take one look at her hair and think the world is ending.  Bad hair can trash a woman's day almost as fast  as a five pound weight gain.

So, Donna my stylist ( who is the goddess of all those with hair cutting shears) worked her magic.  I showed her the photo of Patti Hansen, she agreed that the style would work with my hair and face.....and voila!  
I have sexy, rock and roll hair!  I don't look like Patti, but I do have a great hair cut.

I know this all may seem like fluff, but sometimes you have to lighten up.  And after being sick for months, and barely recognizing myself at times in the mirror........a new hair cut is good medicine.  Tomorrow night we are playing at a songwriter gig at the Danielday Art Gallery, when I'm all dolled up......I'll get someone to shoot a photo and post it tomorrow night.

Something interesting today, in the words of Donna (my stylist) "I cut enough hair off your head for three haircuts".....out of the dozens who saw me at work today, only two acknowledged there was something different about my hair.  Makes you wonder why we get so bent out of shape about our hair! Ha,ha!
May you all have a good hair day tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to see the photo, as I do understand everything you said about the way our hair looks affecting our over-all feeling. However, we could learn even more with your final comment - why get so uptight about it when others just see us for ourselves? Thanks for the insight!

  2. We all need a change I know I need one when I had my hair permed made me feel so much better, I really get what you said about looking in the mirror and thinking blah my hair makes me feel blah........

  3. As longs as you like your new haircut.Which of course is nowhere near guaranty that when you stand up next morning and look in the mirror.....:)

  4. I am right there with you sister. As soon as my life settles back to some form of normal my hairdresser and I are having a major 'jam' session!

    So happy for you and your Hair!

  5. Yes!! I wanna see the rock n roll hair cut!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!!! Take care

  6. Haircuts were one of the first things to go when we had to tighten our belt. On my last birthday, my Mother paid for me to get my hair done for the first time in four years. I was on a high for weeks :-)

  7. You cannot post about this without a picture!