Friday, September 9, 2011


Moments, we all have them......when in one split second, life could have taken a completely different turn.
A decision is made,  and life continues down the path you assume it should.  Probably you took the high road,  or maybe you ever wonder what if.......

You cannot dwell in the past, and you can't live your life thinking about what ifs........but there are those moments.......and what if the same opportunity showed its face again......same decision or a different one?

Moments, tiny fragments of time, that in the scheme of things have incredible power.....It's best not to over think them, or spend the rest of your life wondering what if, but sometimes..........

Moments, decisions made in the blink of an eye, the snap of a finger.......good or bad, right or wrong.......they were made.  Lives forever changed, or were they......did things just continue as always?

Living life in the present takes away the power of those past moments,  and does not acknowledge the future ones, but the ghosts of the past sometime beckon and the future ones often seem quite real.......and those moments when they happen.......well, we know......they don't last long.

Just food for thought tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. With the anniversary of 9/11 I'm sure many people are thinking along those many lives that were changed by a simple go to work, to stay home, to fly, to not fly, to rescue, to run...sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking we are in control, or we can try and understand the choices some people make that effect so many others a ripple in a pond.

  2. I have often thought of this subject Jilda and still find it intriguing. That's why it's so important to try and make the very best decisions that we can in life. Love Di ♥

  3. I have sometimes that it would be nice if I could see what my life would have been like if I hadn't met Tim but I know I would not like to swap my life for anything......

  4. That's why I so admire animals so much. They live for the present, always! Take care

  5. I spend way too much time thinking about past choices and wondering 'what if...?'

  6. I try to live in the present as much as I can, as I find that it's not very productive to go over and over what has happened in the past, although it's only natural to think back sometimes. I used to worry about what might happen in the future but, as I've got older, I really do try not to worry unnecessarily.

  7. And so much can happen to completely change your life in just one moment - so live each moment to the fullest. sandie

  8. The past is filled with many of those moments and we cannot go back so I do not dwell on them although I wish at times I had taken a different path. Have a blessed rest of the weekend.