Friday, September 23, 2011


Performing is different each time, because the venue and the audience are different.....but I have to confess I do have my favorite places to play......tonight was one of those venues.....Danielday Gallery.  It is an art gallery in Birmingham, that happens to have a couple of stages......and they love music as well as art, yoga, and a good time!

We did a couple of our new songs tonight, that we are working on for the cd.  They were well received, so that is good.  So much fun, we shared the stage with a couple of other songwriters, and it is an interesting chemistry that takes place.  We are all different as artists, as singers and as songwriters, but together on stage, we mesh....there is magic.

It is late, and I am tired.......a two hour show takes a tremendous amount of energy.
Good night, sweet dreams


  1. I am pleased your gig went well.Of course the fact taht you loved place where you performed makes it even better:)

  2. Sweet dreams for you as well. Thanks for the late night post and picture.
    - Joy

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time with your gig!! Yay! Take care

  4. It's great to revisit favourite places. Hope you slept well!

  5. Nice to have a gig that you really enjoy. And a chance to perform your new music. That's really neat. When does the CD come out?

  6. Nothing like doing what you love...