Thursday, September 29, 2011

Proof of Fall

I know fall has truly the leaves are not at their peak color and the temps are still fairly warm, 86 degrees today.  What tells me that fall is officially here.....spider webs!  When I drove to work yesterday morning in the fog, there were spider webs as big as my car hanging from tree limbs on the side of the road.
This morning as we walked, spider webs covered the trails.  Silken threads seem to hang in mid-air with all sizes of spiders scurrying about.

Now snakes don't spook me, and I can handle mice......but throw a spider's web in my face or hair, and you will hear some colorful language and see some original dance moves.  I once saw a spider the size of a tennis ball hop across the room,  and didn't see its destination......Rick was working night shift, so I had to create a fast battle plan.   Basically,  I cranked the stereo up so that the windows were shaking, ran the vacuum cleaner at full speed,  and sprayed hair spray in every corner......I know at the time, it all seemed so reasonable, but now....well I never did see that spider again, so maybe my plan worked.

The webs are beautiful, really incredible pieces of architecture and art.  I know that there are those who love spiders, who study them and appreciate them.......I know they have a place in the circle of life......I just don't want them in my circle.

Even as I type this blog tonight, I can almost feel the silken sticky strands of web that caught my hair and face a couple of days ago as we walked......and yes I did my infamous string of profanity and created several new
complicated dance moves.  Every morning as I open the doors to the back deck, I look before I walk out.
I can't tell you how many times HUGE spiders have built their webs in front of those doors just waiting for me to walk out......I can almost hear their little spider laughs when their webs stick to my face.

I don't destroy them, but I do carry a stick with me so that I can gently reroute their structures, proving that we can all live in peace with a little effort.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I laughed to tears. I hate spider webs and fear spider bites, but the way you wrote about avoidance techniques was very humorous. VERY. Thank you because I needed to laugh. I loved your post tonight.
    - Joy

  2. I am like you, they can stay out of my circle too.

  3. Brilliant post, and I'm with you totally on the spiders webs! As soon as it gets a bit cooler, the spiders will be creeping indoors as well. Ugh!!

  4. I have a very very very healthy respect for spiders. Very healthy!! LOL!

    I think spiders' webs are the most ingenious and beautiful and way too complicated natural things on this planet too though!

    Take care

  5. Hhahaha.With another words you are afraid of spiders;))

  6. There were no less than six spider webs across my kitchen windows last week that I hadn't seen the day before. It was great, I was able to stand inside, studying the webs that was safely on the outside. As an added 'bonus', I also got to watch a spider drag a wasp that was three times it's size, halfway up one of the webs.