Friday, September 2, 2011

Alternative Healing

I had forgotten how good acupuncture makes you feel.......I have seen the acupuncturist/chiropractor twice this week.   After all those meds, all those steroids( and the moon face and the ten pounds they gave me) the respiratory stuff was still with me......and I just refused to take any more meds right now, I don't think my spirit could take it, or my body the side affects.  So, I did what I should have done weeks ago, followed my instinct and added an alternative approach as well.

I am breathing better, feel better and hopefully will look better when I knock off the moon/weight.  The gunk is leaving my chest and sinus and I am sleeping.  The energy I have now is real, and not artificial.......a big difference I can promise you.  I know the meds have saved my life more than once, but I also know that alternative methods of healing work.  I mean after all, people got sick before there was Doc in the Box and a drug store on every corner......and a lot of the old folk remedies inspired modern medicine.

I am sharing my thoughts with you tonight, I know these methods may not be for every sister and brother think I drank the kool-aide.......I probably did......but I have also seen the ravages of prescription meds at their worst.  I know it is not a pretty sight, me sitting there with needles in strange places, but I swear
I close my eyes and do slow breathing........and every ounce of stress in my body just leaves and I almost fall asleep......the adjustments do pretty much the same thing......I leave her office and I just want to come home and NAP!!!!!!!!  But then, by mid afternoon when it is time to teach, my energy soars.  It has been a great combination.

I will keep you posted on my alternative healing journey, I am still earthing too.  As I have talked before,
sometimes the path takes you a different way, and I like to think that I live my life like water......I flow.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Jilda, I'm with you on the steroids. I have to have epidural steroid injections for my back. I took an entire year off, not because they didn't help or I didn't need them. The weight gain and the fact my fingernail beds started bleeding underneath my fingernails was reason enough for a break. Now sadly in order to keep doing physical activity of any kind I'm back in a month for another round of steroid treatment. Literally, pick my poison.

    Glad you're able to get alternative treatment I wish it would work on my back, but I've tried to no avail.


  2. I have thought many times about having acupuncture but have wondered about whether it would hurt and then there is the cost..........

  3. Thank God my health is excelelnt sofar and I am hoping to avoid chemicals as long as possible.Don't know why I do not trust modern pharmacy.Kind think of it as any other mass production.Remember the cars that were made in teh begining and lasted forever,now it is all made not too last too long..
    Story of Bruno groening .German healer comes to my mind..where are people like that...

    Trully inspirational ..have a look at:
    Will soon write a blog about him.

  4. I was on steroid creams for my skin for years and now I'm paying the price, as my skin is so thin that it bleeds at the slightest touch. I'm certainly now averse to alternative therapies, and I know that acupuncture can be very successful indeed. Hope it improves things for you. (Do you think it might help for skin conditions?).

  5. I'm glad that you've found something that is help you, that is the only thing that is important.

  6. Using alternative healing as well as conventional meds can only be beneficial and acupuncture has a long and glorious history of proven healing effects. So yay for you!! I hope you continue to regain your strength and health! Take care

  7. I have had only one experience with acupuncture on the last cruise we went on. I was in pain the whole time and thought it would help since all the meds I tried did nothing. The treatment did not work either. Turns out it was a nerve situation. I got specific meds from the VA (Gabapentin) and it took the pain away. I still think I would like to try acupuncture again some time.

  8. I have some of the same issues and I'm thrilled this worked for you and hope you continue to get better.