Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had the honor and pleasure of making our friends, Steve and Judy their very first smores tonight.  They are so good!  Actually, I have made a lot of people their very first smore.  My niece Samantha brought her volley ball team to our house last year for a cook- out.....none of them had ever cooked a hot dog over an open fire or had smores!  Those girls could put away the dogs and the smores.

So, you may be asking what are smores?  You toast a marshmallow over an open flame, place a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker, add the hot marshmallow and top with another graham cracker, squish it together and enjoy!  They are so yummy!

I read somewhere that they are called smores because , once you eat want some more!
It is very hard to stop at one, but that is what I did tonight.....what willpower that took.  I have finally lost most of the weight gain from all the steroids, just about five pounds left, so I have to be tough.

If you have never had a smore, or maybe it has been a long time, it is the perfect fall desert.  If you can't build a bonfire, fire up the grill, and after the steaks are done.........make the smores.  That combination of sticky warm marshmallow, warm chocolate and crunchy  graham cracker........I think is perfection.  Wow, I would love another........but not tonight.......maybe tomorrow.  And you may ask when did I have my first smore?
I went to a couple of Girl Scout meetings with my friend Debbie when we were kids, at the first one we had cookies and kool aide, but at the second one........yep, smores!

Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I made one on Sat. when we had our campfire...yep, very yummy!

  2. I never heard of smores:) Than you can imagine when I was reading about on your hybbies blog how I rushed here to find out.Sounds delicious with all the trimmings beside marshmallow:)

  3. My granddaughter's love Smores. They make them when they go camping. They are delicious!

  4. Yay for smores!!! My only problem is finding vegetarian marshmallows!! They're very hard to get in shops!! But I am drooling at the thought of smores! Yay! Enjoy! Take care

  5. Ooooey and Gooooey but delicious!

  6. My daughter and my ten year old grandson live with us - and believe I eat too many Smores! They are good.


  7. I have been trying to vain some weight so I think I'm up for my smores...