Monday, September 12, 2011

The Moon

Full moon tonight, big and silvery and bright.......shimmering and opalescent in the dark velvet sky. All my yoga classes, we did moon salutations......we greeted the moon!  When you're that beautiful, you should be greeted!
As many of you know, I love the full moon.....I feel a kindred spirit to that orb that shines in the darkness.
And I know, it has no light of its own, just the radiance of the sun playing on its surface.

I think we all are much like the sun and the moon,  we reflect each other's radiance, we reflect each other's fear, we reflect each other's anger, and we reflect each other's kindness.  We can shimmer and guide each other through the darkness or we can consider ourselves a pale imitation, throw our hands up and bemoan the darkness and criticize the brightness of others.  It's our choice.

I think the ones who came before us, understood and respected the sun and the moon.......they knew their value.  They knew without the sun, we would wither and die and without the moon, we would not understand beauty.  The ebb and flow of light and darkness, it is the yin and yang, the perfect balance.  The sunlight is strong, but the light of the  moon is soft.......and this time of year, as the harvest moon glows and appears so close to the earth, can't you feel its tug, its can you not look at its beauty and marvel?

May the same moon that is shinning down on me tonight, shine on you.......may it light your path, and reflect the beauty of your spirit, and may you dream the sweetest of dreams tonight.  For all of you tonight, I give you the moon.


  1. As soon as I saw Full Moon in your post had to think about following lovely poem:
    O come with me into this moonlight world.
    The trees are large and soft tonight,
    With blossoms loaded soft and white,
    A cloud of whiteness furling and unfurled.

    The houses give their sounds upon the air
    In muted tones and secrecies,
    Their lights like laughter through the trees.
    The evening breathes its vows into our hair.

    The evening puts its lips to throat and brow
    And swears what it has sworn before
    To others and will swear to more.
    The evening has its arms around us now.

  2. I'm a moon child through and through, astrologically anyway!! I wax and wane as it does and am most emotional when it's full and bright! Take care

  3. I think we take them for granted and forget that these amazing objects are hanging in space.

  4. I just love going to the beach at night when there is a full moon. Haven't done it in awhile but that's going to change soon.

  5. The Harvest Moon - I know the sun and moon are strong enough to affect the ocean. sandie

  6. We had the same moon last night and I loved it. I was taking a ride with my hubby and commented on how beautiful it looked and how I wish I could get a great pic of it..alas, my camera was not made for moon shots!

  7. Monday night my friend and I were looking at the same beautiful moon you were. It was awesome!