Thursday, September 8, 2011


Quite often I talk to myself.......sometimes aloud, sometimes just in my thoughts.  Usually if it is in my thoughts I am not being very kind to myself, if aloud, normally I am trying to figure something out.
I talk to the dogs daily, and to various other creatures that I come in contact with.......I think I have done this since I was a child.  Then there are those days, I just the wind, the universe, to God to whoever/what ever I think/hope is listening.  Am I alone? Do others carry on these conversations too?

I think maybe I do this because most often others talk to me, I hear their stories, their concerns and fears, their hopes.....and honestly after someone pours their heart out, I sit and think.....well, they certainly don't want to hear my petty concerns.  And, maybe this blog is my release, my pouring out.

I think my purpose is to listen, to let others speak, to be there as a sounding board.  Not so much to give advice but just to listen and let them know, they are heard.  But then there are days like today, the sky was the most incredible shade of blue( like the skies out west), the air was so crisp and I felt better than I had in months( my energy is back) and I just would have loved to chat with someone!  I should have picked up the phone and called a friend, not sure why I didn't.....silly me.   But mid-day, Thursday, I suppose I thought everyone would be busy.   Maybe tomorrow.

The nights are cool now, and a cup of hot tea awaits me.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I also find it realy important to listen to people.And people do appreciate it.Nothing worst than talking to someone who keeps saying their own things without stopping a moment.As talking to yourself ,just reminds me of my friend Ellen who writes letters to herself:)

  2. I talk to myself all the time. It was years before I realised that not everybody did.

  3. I don't really talk to myself, but I do talk to God quite a lot, whatever I might be doing. I am so glad that you have your energy back. It really does make such a difference. Like you, I think it is so important to really listen to people, and I do try to do that when I'm with my friends. Sometimes I just like my quiet time as well. I'm quite happy when I'm on my own. This might be something to do with being an only child I guess.

  4. My hubby caught me talking to myself the other day. I grinned at him and said, "I always agree with myself!" Yeah, I guess I do talk to myself at times, and have always talked to animals. (They're great listeners!)

    Next time you want to talk to a friend, though, you should call one. Trust that if they're busy, they'll let you know, but also know that, chances are, they'd be happy to hear your voice.

  5. I believe that we all need someone o listen to us - for us to be heared by someone - an if you listen to others all day - hen you really need it! Love, sandie

  6. Like you, I talked to every living thing when I was young and continued throughout my life. I do it so unselfconsciously that I don't pay attention to whether I speak aloud or silently. It is all communicating.

  7. I often often mutter to myself without realising! :-)

    Take care