Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creativity and Talent

I talked to one of my classes today about creative energy, recognizing and using the gifts that you have.
Of course, someone said they had no gifts, no creativity.......I have heard that so many times.  We tend to have such a narrow focus on exactly what are gifts and what is creativity.  As we sat and talked, did some breath work and worked on yoga postures to balance our chakras, I asked them to rethink  their definition of creativity and gifts.

We talked about the obvious, you know, artistic talents, musical talents/gifts, .......but as they began to redefine their definitions..........
the lights went on in their eyes.   The ability to teach someone anything is a gift.....the ability to love and care,
to be a good friend, is a gift.  To be there when you are needed, to know the right words to say, the right thing to do, is a gift.  Creativity.....can  you balance a budget, cook a meal, make some one laugh, create a warm and welcome environment, we all have countless gifts and great creativity when we think outside the box.....when we allow ourselves to see the goodness within.  Some are blessed with the ability to listen, others
know exactly when their  presence is needed.....and some know when to pick up the phone and call or send a note.

Anytime you say you have no gifts or creativity.....you are selling yourself short and I think being unappreciative of what you have.  Denying the good within you, denying those gifts and creative energies is like telling the universe or God that you are damaged goods, a mistake was made in your creation.

Make a list of your talents and creative energies, no matter how small or unimportant you think they are......begin to understand that all things great and small are who you are.  Celebrate the unique, the quirky and the mundane, the ordinary and extraordinary and know someone, somewhere wishes they could do something that you do, that they are envious of a talent or gift you possess.

Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. This made me think as I often will say or think that I am not talented and have nothing to offer people but I may be wrong about that maybe just being the kind, supportive and understanding woman I stive to be each day is enough.....

  2. Thank you for this. Sometimes we are given just what we didn't even know we needed!

  3. It is fantastic when you got talent to pass nice things to people.Surfing the internet I find lot of people funny,inspirational or craetaive.I just left one groups blog because of negative people that are spoiling it all not contributing anything for healthy discussion.Luckuly that is just a klick away:)Great job;)

  4. I used to want to be a painter or a sculptor but didn't have the patience to keep at it. I now find joy in writing my blog and I guess that will have to do! I even do that a little too quickly, but that's okay. That's the way I am and I accept that.

  5. We are worth so much more than many of us think we are.

  6. Oh Jilda! I love coming here cos you always perk me up and I feel most positive after! Yay!! Thank you!! What we think as not being creative or gifts, truly are - lovely! Take care

  7. This is different to think of our gifts and talents instead of focusing on a grateful list. I will start a list of my creative energies now. Thanks for the great idea. And for helping me see some good things about me.

  8. That was such a good post Jilda, and really made me think. I always say, "oh, I can't do anything", but looking at your list there, I realized that "hey, yes I'm good at that. I can care, love, encourage, be there for people etc. etc.". I hadn't really thought of those as talents, but, you are right, they are. It's always good to read a post that does make you think, and I'm glad I read your post today. Thank you!