Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music is Good Medicine

Tonight we went to a new friend's house to spend some time with his friends playing music.  It is interesting what a common thread music will weave a friendship about as fast as one can be woven.
Some of the friends we had met at gigs, and others were first time......all were pickers, singers and songwriters.
Each person there had a unique voice, style, and take on crafting would be the same if you had a group of bakers  together.

Everyone brought food, we sat around in a circle and played music.  I have to admit, Rick and our friend Steve and I  have played together for years, so I suppose in a round about way, we cheated.....but we sounded real good!

It was a good night, and it was something I needed.......I think tonight helped to lift the fog I have been trapped in for the past several days.   Music, new people, good food, my spirit does feel better......we'll see what tomorrow brings.  But I think music is good medicine.

All the dogs are snoring,  they have their routine, and late nights are not part of it.  I think I should probably
head toward the bed too.......
I hope you all hear beautiful music soon!


  1. Hubby and I got some free music from Reader's Digest today. I put it on while I was cleaning the house and it made me feel good. It is called Tranquil Moods.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night and just what you needed :-)

  3. Music is the language everyone understands(if they want to).Once I wrote a blog about influence that music has on us...growing up:)I am influence heavily by my parents and my brother who is 14 years older than me:)Of course they like music other than my generation.However when I listen to modern days lyrics ,have to say I am not sorry I don't liek it.

  4. Awwww if music be the food of love, play on!

    Hope you had a good rest, hugs to you doggies and may today be brighter and full of hope and joyous possibilities! Take care

  5. What a perfect way to spend an evening. When I was a teenager, a bunch of us used to get together and have our own "hootenannies." Loved it. Miss it, doggone it. Glad to hear others are still enjoying it.

  6. Hi Jilda,
    I'm happy to read you are feeling better. Having been away while my Sweetheart was on the mend I've missed following your progress, so it's lovely hearing you are getting stronger.

    A music filled night sounds delightful, I do hope all your dreams were sweet!


  7. Your evening with other musicians sounds fun and invigorating. I listen to hubby play guitar and work on his music every day and I never, ever get tired of it. It does help me feel uplifted.