Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dogs and Thunderstorms

Coming home from work today, the sky had become overcast and grey, for the past forty-five minutes I have listened to the  rumble of thunder in the distance.  The weather guys say we have a severe thunderstorm coming at us, which means we have a cool front approaching........which means, cooler weather this weekend!
I hear my sweaters calling me.  Haha!

I groomed Blackie Bear, and Taylor before I left for work today........not an easy task.  Both weigh around 100 pounds each, Taylor is short haired, bulldog mix, but Blackie Bear is chow/lab mix(LOTS of hair)  They love to be groomed, you can hear their grunts of joy and delight every time they are brushed and cut.  Our dog Charlie who passed over the rainbow a few months ago, loved to be groomed too. Charlie liked it so much, that when you stopped, he would take his paw  and pet your hand trying to get you to continue.  I really miss Charlie.

With the rumbles of thunder, the dogs are getting into their storm mode......Astro is under Rick's desk,
Buddy and Blackie and Taylor have surrounded my chair here at my desk, and Collie( the neighbor's dog who will not go home) is trying to find his spot.  Not sure if I had told you all about Collie.......he is the most beautiful Collie you have ever seen.  Yes, he looks just like Lassie!  We have not named him, we are in a strange situation here.......he belongs to a neighbor about a quarter mile away.  He showed up several months ago, it took us quite a while to find his owner.  She came and got him......several times.....and he just keeps coming back.  He will not go home.  We have asked her about keeping him, but no response.  What to do, what to do?   Couldn't let him go without flea and heartworm meds, so we have given him those.
All our dogs are neutered, hoping she makes a decision soon, because if he stays with us.....snip, snip!  In the mean time, he gets groomed tomorrow.

The storm is getting closer, I just stepped outside and you can smell the rain.  I love that smell! and the way the air feels just before the storm.......damp and warm.

I can hear Buddy snore( he was my mom's little dog), Astro is getting restless under the desk(another lab mix)
and Collie found his place....blocking the door to the office.  Taylor and Blackie  are snoring too, I think their fear of the storm was way over rated.

I think my way of greeting the storm is the best.......a cup of hot tea (red zinger tonight) and a good read.....
and then a warm cozy bed.
Good night Sweet dreams


  1. I love the smell of rain too, now for dogs and storms some dogs really get upset we had one dog that never liked storms but all the others have been alright I think if the dog is an inside dog they cope better as they are around people and being inside they feel safer..........

  2. my dogs kind of predict storm and rain.I think I already said once I love rain because those rainy days mean I am getting free rain and somebody else is worjing for me;)

  3. I love being all cozy in the house with a coffee while it rains or snows. It just feels so good.

  4. Your ending sounds so great, might do that tonight!

  5. Enjoy the storm and the cooler weather to come :-)

  6. Awwww! Let's see, there's Astro, Blackie Bear, Taylor, Buddy, angel Charlie and Collie! Yay!! Awwwww I do hope that Collie gets to be with you and Rick. I always think that animals choose their humans and never the other way round! Fingers crossed your neighbour will realise this (I mean, no offence to your neighbour, but you had to de-flea Collie and give him heartworm meds and he's not ever neutered!!!!).

    Hope the thunderstorms pass by quickly. Autumn is so just round the corner. Take care

  7. I am indebted to your serenity and I have a post on my blog about one of your posts.

    Regarding your weather, I know what you mean about looking forward to getting out the sweaters. I had a sweat shirt on yesterday and woke up to temp under 40 today. I have socks on and have my coffee and cozy shirt. It does feel nice.

    You have so many dogs at your house. It would be overwhelming to me but the way you talk about them you are content. The collie sounds beautiful. Someone gave us a miniature collie when I was young and I was so attached to him. You brought back memories for me.

  8. I used to like thunderstorms but now I dread them. That's because we have a dog who freaks out. She has to challenge them. We got her a Thundershirt and it has really helped. It's like swaddling but when the storm is coming we tell her we're going to put her coat on and she just loves it. Still wants to challenge the storm but not so much.

    I think Collie is yours. If the neighbor can't even make the effort to respond to you or come get the dog, forget them. Stupid people.