Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Some days are tests, given by a universe that is secretly laughing and wondering what your response will be.
My day of tests has been strange, not a bad day, but a trying one.  Everywhere I have been, pretty much every one I have talked with, had contact with, has been in the mood to vent.  Most days I am a sounding board, a listening device, but today all those opinions and protests and complaints  have swirled around me like falling many, so fast......I could not comprehend......I  am quite dizzy.  Even the dogs are antsy and grumpy tonight.

Why do I think this day has been one of  tests?  Because, if I had opened my mouth and spoken any  thoughts, ......I would have been sucked into the vortex, it was  time to  listen and say nothing........listen and breathe.  I am exhausted tonight from so much negative energy circling around me.....this was the day the memo went out to voice your complaints......and  I am glad I did not get the memo.

So, I did a lot of breath work, taught my classes with great joy and love, ignored the comments that  I saw and heard through out the day and reminded myself that every one has a bad day, everyone is entitled to their opinions......and I must be the wacky one, because  I still see the good all around me.  So what is the good that I see all around me?  There is kindness, human dignity, and love, even in the places where it seems none might exist.  There is beauty in the raw and the ugly and the sad if you look for it.  And if we allow ourselves,
hope lives in the darkest of hearts, it just takes a tiny crack for the light to feed it.  As far as the greed and the hate and the fear that most seem to think has encompassed the universe....I believe we find what we look for, we get what we think about it.

Who knows whether I passed my tests today or not,  only time will tell.  But some days the buck has to stop here, the gossip, the rumors, the whine, the has to stop somewhere,might as well be here.
I sit here and breathe, and release.......
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Sounds like a rough day. Good on you for rising above it.

    May tomorrow bring you more joy.

  2. I had a great day -- if it makes you feel any better. I also dislike negative energy around me and feel much better when I avoid grumps. But we all have to encounter people with difficulties and it sounds to me as if you did very well with your response.


  3. Yes it takes a big thinker to rise to that level.It can be draining if you give in..especialy when you think how people can sometime compalin about little things.Hope you have good night sleep and get energized for tommorrow;)

  4. I too have had a glorious day so I'm hoping some of my joy can be shared with you on this really rough day. Negative people will always be with us but like you were able to do, we don't need to let them ruin our lives.

  5. Kudos to you for looking for the good. I pray that tomorrow will bring sunshine - or at least, sunnier dispositions!

  6. Taking time to "listen and breathe" is sometimes the very best course of non-action.

    Hope tomorrow is a more positive day for you. Blessings to you ...Marsha