Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A soldier gave me his dog tags yesterday, and I cried. He is in one of my classes(he never misses)
and as he walked in, he told me had something for me. He said he wanted them to be my good luck charm, my talisman if you will.......at first I was speechless, and then the tears came. It was Memorial Day and I should have been the one giving to him, but instead there he was.......with tags in hand, hugging and thanking me. Today I have held those tags in amazement, I felt so honored, and so not worthy.

When I was a young teen, I wanted to join the Peace Corp. I talked to my dad about it, but my mom went ballistic, no way, no discussing, forget it. My whole life, I have wanted to be of service.
My parents were good examples, they were always helping, always lending a hand. I think yoga/therapy has allowed me to serve, to do my best. But most days, I wish I could do more.

This Thursday I will start a Stress Management Class in Sipsey, our community that was devastated by the tornadoes. It is free to any who wish to come, through out our county.
I hope that is some small way, it helps. We will do breath work, some very gentle stretches,
and relaxation techniques. We got good news today, FEMA has extended their stay for one more month. There is still so much debris to move, and around ten houses to be demolished, before the rest of the trailers can be brought in. We still have folks in tents and little travel trailers. It was 98 degrees today, and the weather guys say it will be that hot for several more days.

I hope that all of you, have warm sunshine, blue skies and someone to hug this week.
Blackie Bear is snoring, and it is almost my bed time too.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I'm sure the Stress Management Class will help many people. What a great idea. It was so kind of the soldier to give you his dog tags. You must have helped him a lot.

  2. What a lovely thing that that soldier did to give you his dog tags. You must have been so moved by this action. Such a good idea to start that Stress Management Class and I'm sure it will help so many people. Still waiting for the sunshine over here!

  3. That was a very special thing he did & I am sure must have really blessed him. Good luck with the new class. you are truly a servant my friend