Friday, May 27, 2011


Don't you love the fact that we are all unique? and flawed? I love that most about the human race.
We are all different, we all have faults and flaws.......there are people who love us in spite of our
flaws and those who hate us because of them. Pretty family always told me, I was the weird one, different, odd. When I was a tween, I tried to fit in, to be more perfect......but as I entered my teenage years, I gave up and accepted the fact that I was different. But so was everyone else!

I love that we come in all sizes, all shapes, all colors. I love that we all look different, that we do make mistakes, that we have shortcomings. It reminds us that we are human and there is perfection in the not so perfect. And the amazing thing.......that even with our warts, there are those who love us, no matter what. We are loved.

I know that each and every one of us at some point in our lives has yearned to be like others.
It's sad, that yearning to be just like someone else.......we think it will make us more popular,
more beautiful, happier, more loved. There is such a wonderful peace, when we accept and realize it is ok to be different. These flaws, think about how boring life would be if we didn't have we screw up, we fall on our face, we make dumb choices.......that's how we learn, how we grow. Unique is good, flawed is human.

Tonight, celebrate your unique qualities, quit beating yourself up because of your flaws. I read a few days ago, that one of the things that is so freeing about aging, is the ability to accept yourself. There are things that I miss about youth(like boundless energy) but I love that through the years, acceptance of me, with all my warts has become something I am comfortable with......I realize I am unique, and that I am loved, flaws and all.


  1. I love that I am a bit different. I don't always fit in but I am always myself, don't know who else to be. I think everyone's uniqueness is there greatest quality, it's makes them, them. Great post, thanks for making the muscle between my ears work :D

  2. It is often not to we get older that we come to accept ourselves for who we are and how we look. I am 48 not ashamed to say so and love that I have reached a point in my life that I love who I am, that said I have not been one to try and fit in unless it was when I was a child and don't remember

    I came over here from Colenic over at A Smile A Day.

  3. Remember that song "The Greatest Love of All"? Beautiful melody, and Whitney Houston really knew how to sing it. But the words kinda made me nauseated. I mean, the greatest love is to love YOURSELF? How egotistical! How about love of others, love of country, love of God? But then again, as you inferred in your post, there's a certain truth in the concept, too. Accepting oneself and recognizing one's inherent worth may, indeed, build a more confident at-peace center within us that allows us to better love others. At any rate, age has definitely made me much more comfortable in my own skin, wrinkles and all.

  4. I agree with you Jilda. As I am getting older, I am much more comfortable in my own skin, and thankful for it. (As you say, wrinkles and all!!). Have a lovely weekend. I tagged you in a post a couple of days ago by the way!

  5. Over two years ago I worked on getting to know myself and accepting myself and even liking myself. There were other things to work on as well, but learning to care about me and to know what it means to be worthy was so new to me. I like this post. You speak about heavy subjects yet your style is soft.

  6. When I was a little kid I felt invisible. I just beat to my own drum. As I hit teenage years I did my own thing and certain people liked me for it. When I left home and moved out west at 17, I was able to carry myself and be strong enough to deal with a lot of ups and downs and come out on top. So many other kids I went to school with had to have the same clothes, same hairdo, same everything yet I would wait until the craze was gone before I let myself do anything like this. I liked me. And some really good people liked me too.