Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret # 8

I have been re-reading a Wayne Dyer book, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. It is a small book, and honestly Dr. Dyer just reinforces what we all already know......we just tend to forget, and push the wisdom that is in us away. My favorite "secret" is number 8.......Treat Yourself As If You
Already Are What You'd Like to Be. I believe with all my heart we have to do that, if we are to live our lives, doing what we love.

He talks about living our lives in our lives inspired. Allowing ourselves to transcend all limitations that we place on ourselves, seeing ourselves in the life we want to live.
Imagine what life would be like, if we lived it with no fear, in spirit. Have you ever noticed that if you expect everything to go wrong it does? But when you know in your heart, when you expect good, that is what you get.

On April 27th, the day the tornadoes struck.....I found myself as most Alabamians did, almost frozen with fear. The sirens kept howling, the atmosphere was oppressive, warnings seem to
be given every five minutes......and in the midst of the most horrendous storms that afternoon,
I sat on my sofa and remembered to the breath began to calm my spirit, I knew that no matter what happened I had to believe in the good. At one point, as Rick and the dogs and I huddled in our bathroom, and we could hear the storm roaring......I felt peace, I expected it, no matter what took place, I felt peace. Even the next day, as we looked for family and friends and saw the massive destruction, I kept telling myself to expect good, not the worst.

I will always believe we "get what we think about, whether we want it or not"-Wayne Dyer. Life does throw some unexpected curves, but we do have the ability to choose how we deal with those curves. I think when we "see" ourselves living the lives we want, when we expect the good to be there, that is what we will find.

Instead of treating ourselves as worthless, instead of seeing ourselves as stupid, instead of seeing ourselves as weak, or untalented or pathetic, or what ever those old thoughts are, can we not just take that first small step.........think of the life you want, begin to see possibilities, and be honest.......if you see yourself as artistic, but unmarketable, then continue to pursue the creative
path, but also allow room for someone on that path who believes in you, who can market your talents. What ever we need to live as we would like to be, is out there, we are the ones who set
the limits.

I started several months ago, writing a list once a week.......what do I want. That has evolved now to a daily, my intent list. It is working, it serves as a reminder about the life I am pursuing,
what I want/what I intend for my friends and family. Years ago, I wanted to become more compassionate........I had always been passionate, but I wanted to see myself full of compassion
when I keep focused, when I see myself as compassionate I stay in that state.....but there are times I lose sight, I lose my intent and when that happens, the compassion begins to fade.
We really do have to see/treat/think of ourselves as if we are already what we would like to be.
Take it slow, believe and see, change your thoughts.......your life will change.


  1. Jilda, you write such inspiring posts. This is wonderful and helpful to me. I was releived to see that a person can have peace during such a terrible time as you did.
    I used to think it was good for me to know my limitations. But I was wrong to think that way. I was actually limiting myself. I am trying now to see myself in the life I want to live.

  2. Jilda, Your positive outlook is undoubtedly a blessing to those around you.

  3. Treat Yourself As If You Already Are What You'd Like to Be, great advice and your thoughts collage is great! Thank you!

  4. Jilda my friend, you inspire me daily and I appreciate what you do so very much. God bless you.

  5. Don't get so wrapped up in lists that your life becomes regimented.

  6. I needed to hear this right I need that book! Thanks for the uplift Jilda!

  7. You are such an inspiration! I read this book a while ago when I needed a lot of self help and it was one of things that helped turn my life around. Great things happen to those who expect them to happen :D