Monday, May 2, 2011

I Have a Home

We still have no internet connection, thank God for McDonalds. Sorry that I am not posting every night, but these are difficult times. I know that it may seem strange to talk about yoga in the midst of our tornado stricken community, but honestly I think my yoga practice and breath work is keeping me sane.

Every time I see a convoy of phone, electrical service trucks, I take a deep breath, because I know some where those who have homes are getting electricity and phone service. I see National Guard convoys and know those areas that were hit are being protected from looting. And with every breath, I say a prayer of gratitude because I have a house and my family members lived.

I miss these postings, I miss not being able to connect with you all, but this too shall pass.....and I have a house. I appreciate all your thoughts and offers to help, as things change and we all begin to come out of the shock, I may ask for help, some of you I have already contacted and as I see needs I will ask.

A friend mentioned today, about how good people are and how kind.....he is one of those that had become quite crusty these past few years, but I have always believed in the goodness of mankind.....I knew in my heart when each of us needs the help of others, we step up to the plate. That is one thing this disaster has taught us, there is good and kind in everyone, we all want to help, none of us want to see anyone suffer. (and yes I know there may be a few who take advantage of this, but you know that is their path and their sad life to live)

I am bone tired, but that too shall pass......I have heard many horror stories, but I have also heard many good ones......I am amazed by the human spirit, by the strength
and faith that prevails in darkness.....and just as surely as darkness falls, light will come again.....I have heard so much laughter mixed with the tears these past few
days.....don't ever lose faith in the human race, there is love, there is kindness
and yes even in joy in our little communities.....I have learned so many lessons the past few days, I have been humbled more times than I can count, and I have taken many many deep breaths.

Maybe later I will share some of the more personal stories with you all, but right now I can't talk about them without tears.....but I have a house.
I miss you all, but I feel your love and prayers every day. Hug everyone you love, and no matter how humble or grand your home, be grateful for it and know that here in the hills of Alabama, there is a very tired yoga teacher who sends her heartfelt thanks for your comments, your prayers and love.....and I have a home.


  1. My prayers are with you and everyone affected by the tornados. It is heart warming to see how people come together to help each other in a crisis.

  2. I'm glad your crusty friend has been touched by the kindness of mankind. I'm also glad you got to go to McDonalds!

  3. Please add me to your list of people to call with a list of needs.

  4. Jilda, So glad that you "have a house."

    Hope soon you will have some rest, and some utilities. Until then, keep breathing deeply ....Marsha

  5. Jilda, feel us reaching out to you and your family and know that we rejoice over you having a house and health. If we were closer you would know it first hand my friend. Take care & don't worry about not posting as often as you would like. We'll wait patiently for you.

  6. I am so grateful that you are safe and as you say you have a home. But at the same time you are at home, here in the blogging world, where an extended family is waiting for your posts!

  7. It is wonderful how people just come together when tragedy strikes and everyone wants to help. Still saying prayers for you and, as you say, you have a home, and thank the Lord for that!