Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strange and Wonderful

This is how strange and wonderful life can be....I went to work, taught my classes and before I made it to Mickey D's, I went to tv studio to be on a local talk show.
It is a show called Health Matters, hosted by Edie Hand and the taping that I am on is about addictions. I talked about the importance of breath, and how yoga can help with day to day stress as well as the stress of addictions. It was fun and a nice respite for me, I came straight from teaching, so I wasn't glamor queen,but that is ok.

Maybe once the show airs I can post a little clip....ha ha, I will be signing autographs soon!!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments the past few days, and your loyalty.
It is heartwarming and really inspiring to hear from all of you! For the first time since last Wednesday I am beginning to feel human again. It is amazing to me how the mind and the body process, and deal with matter how good or bad it is. We are truly awesome creatures, and I believe way stronger and smarter than we give ourselves credit.

Back here in McDonaldland, the folks who work here know us now....sorta like Cheers, when they all yell Norm!!!!! Who knew it would feel like home at Mickey D's?

Today, Jordan came over with his butterflies, we released them and he yelled and jumped for joy as they fluttered toward the clear blue sky and the warm sun.
Last year, he cried when we released, but this year, he knew they wanted to be free, he knew they wanted to fly. It was so much fun, that simple act of releasing butterflies.

The sun is setting, I am tired and home is about a twenty minute drive, Good night Sweet dreams.


  1. Hugs to you...I have been thinking about you...hope that you are doing okay..

  2. Hope you made it home safely and got a good nights rest.

  3. What a totally awesome way to end the day, releasing butterflies! So... is my autograph in the mail yet?

    You stay safe and please, give a stranger down there a hug for me. You guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. The symbol of the butterfly to me is new life, new beginnings. I got one tattooed on my ankle after my husband died as a symbol that I was venturing into a new life too. Glad you're taught Jordan about that. It's an important lesson. Would love to see the taping of that interview. Can I have your autograph now??!

  5. It is great how you share your health knowledge with people. That is beautful about the butterflies.

  6. Wonderful about the butterfly, and as Barb said it , it has true meaning!

  7. Jilda just wanted to tell you that I have an award waiting you on my blog, a well deserved one :)