Saturday, May 14, 2011

Musical Healing

Ever since I was a child I have known the power of music. I began playing piano around the age of
eight, and maybe singing a year or two later. For me, there was incredible power, being able to play a song and sing...... as I grew older I sang at church and then performed with a school group
(glee before glee was even a thought). I knew how music made me feel, but I soon learned the power of song on others. There is joy in music, the ability to unite, to create memories, to bring tears and laughter and there is healing in music.

Today, we did a fund raiser at Berkeley Bob's Coffee House in Cullman.........the donations went to the Red Cross, all the musicians donated their time. Cullman just like so many other Alabama towns was hit hard by the April 27th tornadoes. Being there was a chance for us to give back....a chance to let those devastated by the storms tell their stories, and the opportunity for music to ease the pain and sadness. Bob and Gerri, the owners of the coffee house, have worked non-stop to help their community.......their business was closed for ten days, but with hard work they have opened their doors. It is a place to meet, to have a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich and listen to music, but also for friends to gather........for hugs and words of encouragement. Right
now it is an oasis in the midst of all the destruction, a place for spirits to soar, and for those who
gather there to know, a few good things remain.

It was an honor to play there today. Since the storms raged through our communities, no matter what I do, it just seems so small and insignificant........but I keep telling myself every little bit helps/counts. I learned as a child to never hide my talents under a basket, that creative
energies were meant to be shared. Today it was good for my soul to sing, to see my friends and other musicians give so freely of their time and was a good day, a day for music to
soothe and heal.


  1. Oh, Jilda

    What a wonderful account of community involvement and sharing.

    I only wish I could have been there to hear your music.
    God bless you - Marsha

  2. Music is so soothing and it is a wonderful way to give back to a community that is in such need.

    Bravo. :) Nicely done.

  3. You definitely did more than you think. It's awesome how your community is helping out. Bless your heart!!

  4. I too wish I could have been there to be a part of that experience.

  5. You are an amazing person! I love the way music helps heal :D

  6. You are right, there is joy and healing in music. It is wonderful you could do this to help people.