Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jordan and Honeysuckle

Jordan( three year old great nephew) spent the day with me. It has been a very busy day. We planted tomato plants, pepper plants and flowers. We hung out at the barn with the dogs, chased each other, played hide and seek, ate popsicles, made cheese potato soup, and as always he asked hundreds of questions.

We spent some time in the herb garden, he loves to break the leaves of mint and rosemary and smell them. Today, he smelled honeysuckle...... he loved it!
The blueberries are getting ripe, and he is really anxious to gobble up some blueberries, what can I say.......so am I. Blueberry waffles will be served soon.

He cried when his grandmother came to get him.......he did not want to leave. No matter how tired I am, it breaks my heart when I see those tears and he is begging to stay.

Thursday, if the weather is nice we are going to my
sister's goat farm. She has a lot of babies now, and several are bottle fed, so he can feed the baby goats. He seemed a little apprehensive about the trip as we talked about it today, I assured him it will be fun.

After days of rain and cold grey skies, the sun came out in full glory today. It was still rather chilly, but it was really nice to see blue skies! There is a full moon tonight.......Jordan loves the moon. Moon was one of the first words he ever said. His favorite book is Goodnight Moon. I guess that is something he picked up from his aunt Jilda, I too, love a full moon. I know that when the moon is full, its light shines not only on me, but on all my friends as well. There is something quite magical about the glow of the moon, and it is quite soothing to know that we all bask in its glow tonight.

If you step out and see the moon tonight, remember I am looking at that same moon........and no matter the distance, we share the glow. Wish you could smell the honeysuckle.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I wish I could smell the honeysuckle too! Your nephew is so sweet and he learns so much about the world of nature from you and your husband. I'm sure he'll love the goats.

  2. I wish I could see the moon here. Even when it's a clear night it's pale. Tonight it's cloudy so no moon gazing for me. I'll pretend though. SMILE

  3. I like honeysuckle, too.

    And the moon was so bright a couple of nights ago, that I thought it was the street lamp shining in our bedroom window.

    Have a peaceful night. ...Marsha

  4. Such a beautiful photo of little Jordan. I think it's lovely when they are brought up to be in tune with nature like that. I'm sure that he will absolutely love the little goats! What a treat for him.

  5. Jilda my friend I have plenty of honeysuckle and the full moon guided me to work this morning almost directly overhead. I love to pluck the flower off & bite near the end sucking the sweet liquid, not much but enough to satisfiy. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Jilda that was a great post. That little boy is going to grow up remembering a lot of things about nature. The Love Shack has wild honeysuckle everywhere. Wound up in wild weeds, Wrapped up in trees. The air is so thick with their perfume that it is almost too much at times. I love it!

  7. What a beautiful child! And fortunate, too, to have a family that takes the time to help him appreciate the wonders of the world. Sounds like it's a toss-up as to who enjoyed the adventure more ... Jordan... or you.

  8. What an adorable boy and precious photo. Your post is so sweet and very touching.