Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Journey

We are all on a journey, some of us have been traveling longer than others, and some have taken many detours. We look for ourselves daily, trying to find our way in this life........we want to be authentic, to be real, for our lives to have meaning. But it is a struggle......we make mistakes, we stumble, we hurt those we love, and those we love hurt us.

Everyone sees us in a much different way than how we view ourselves......we want to follow our dreams, to live the life we were born to live.......but how do we find ourselves???? I wish I had answers, I wish I had the key to the secret........all I can do is share my thoughts. For me, in my lifetime, on my journey.......there have been many different versions of me, many parts that make the sum,
every day it seems there is something about me that changes. But there is also a part of me that I think is like every one.......the need to be loved, to create, to help someone, that basic goodness of human nature.

I think of all that I have been, the different labels that people have identified as me, all the different ways that I have viewed myself. I know there is a need for all of us to pigeon hole
or categorize everything and everyone, can we cast aside that need and just allow our lives to flow? to realize that maybe all those things we were before, have helped to make who we are today, and who we are today will change tomorrow.

These little journeys, they can be so difficult.......we look in the mirror and wonder who we are, what we have become. I admit I once looked in the mirror and had no recognition of myself at all.......I stayed on that horrible dark path for quite sometime. To have no recognition of ones' is trial by fire, a walk through the belly of hell. But there were people who loved me,
who never gave up on me, who knew that one day I would be back........I owe them unending love and gratitude.

Life changes, the path, the journey, twists and turns and surprises are around every corner.
Just when we think we have it all mapped out, we hit a dead end or a fork in the road.......then we hope like hell we make the right choice. While we worry and fret about out journey, I often think of the poem Ithaca.....I read that it was Jackie Kennedy's favorite and was read at her memorial
service, it is all about how important the journey is, and not the destination.

This journey, though it is our personal one, does not have to be traveled alone......there are many along the way, who care, who will lend a helping hand, who will listen, and who will love.......and the lessons we learn, the places we go and the things we do......that's what makes the journey so much more than the destination.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. The best part of the journey is when you have an epiphany. You finally understand something important. Something that changes your life. I love it when that happens; it is such a sweet victory.

  2. I agree with what Belle said - it is the moment of epiphany that can change us. Make us more grounded. Give us hope.

  3. Well Jilda let me fall in line and also agree with my friend Belle. For some it takes longer to have that moment but it is significant when it happens. This was great Jilda, have a wonderful week.

  4. I think that once we learn to truly appreciate the journey, no matter how many detours and dead ends we encounter along the way, we've taken a huge step toward finding inner peace. And once we realize how important our fellow travelers are, we've taken another.

  5. Wonderful thoughts! And I agree, we are always on a journey ...

  6. Excellent, excellent, excellent. And I believe that journey continues on after our spirits leave our bodies.