Monday, May 30, 2011

My Corner

This is my corner of our screen porch. It's an old rusty metal chair that belonged to my grandmother.
A moon and stars folding screen(I love anything moon and stars) an old kerosene heater that works as a fern stand, and a rug that I painted several years ago. This is my spot, to sit and drink coffee, or lemon aide or read or just sit and listen to the birds. Don't you love the way the morning light shimmers across that corner?

We just got the porch spring/summer ready this past weekend.......better late than never. We sat and had our morning coffee there today, listening to music, watching the birds.......heaven.

Rick does a lot of his writing on this porch, but me.....I do a lot of day dreaming here. It is my quiet spot, my place to think, to meditate, it is a peaceful retreat.
The dogs love the porch too, there is a ceiling fan and a huge oak tree at the corner for shade, it is always just a wee bit cooler here than any other place in the yard.

This porch looks like our house, just a simple cottage, but warm and welcoming. The carpenter was here today, and he will finish the arbor tomorrow. Then, I can plant jasmine, and hopefully by next summer, you'll walk through the arbor covered in jasmine to our front door. Or as my sister calmly said, you can walk through my arbor covered in flowers and maybe fight the bees and wasps. So, now we see, my glass is half full, hers is half empty.......actually she is just a realist. I choose to believe, even if there are bees they will not sting. Ha, ha!

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day......I thought of my dad, friends, students and husband Rick, who have served this country. I know so many have sacrificed, and thank you just seems so inadequate. For those who have died, a prayer of thanks and love.....for those active and retired, a prayer of thanks and many blessings. I hugged as many soldiers as I could today, I hope you had the opportunity to hug a few too!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I like the way you spell "lemonade" as "lemon aide". That is so sweet, because I feel absolutely the same way about it. It is so restorative, an elixir on a hot summer day.


  2. I love you, but I'm also jealous of your beautiful quiet spots, creative space and even wasp filled arbors.

  3. I picked up on the spelling of "lemonade" as well. I like your version better! That certainly looks like a lovely, peaceful spot to just sit and contemplate. I'm sure your Arbour will be wonderful! A lovely warm post. Thank you!

  4. I laughed about the bees and wasps. My sis is so afraid of them and I've come to a peaceful truce with them. I find if I leave them to their business, which is very good for us and the planet, they leave me to mine. Now, hornets, that's another story! Looks like a really great place to hang out and I love that's it's screened in. I want that on our deck because of the mosquitoes..little buggers!

  5. Your corner looks so welcoming. I have a spot like that on our porch but it hasn't been cleaned and prepped for summer yet, maybe i'll get to that this week. The weather has just started to get better here so I can sit and read or write there now. Hopefully, the bees from the flowers won't sting and will just add a bit of reality to your dream :D

  6. Your special spot looks like the perfect place to sip a cup of tea and soak up the sounds and scents of nature.

  7. It looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax.