Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good and Bad

The good and the has been a really good day, but our air quality is bad, so that means for the past few days life has been tough for me. Rick and I performed at an Armed Forces Day Celebration was quite an honor to be invited to perform. There were Vets there from World War Two, up to active military today, it was very emotional to hear some of the guys speak, to look at the exhibits and understand the sacrifices that so many have made.

We got home this afternoon and we did a radio interview. I love doing interviews, especially about songwriting and performing. Dale Short did the interview, he has done quite a bit with NPR, written some incredible books, an excellent southern author and very good friend. I believe he may post some of the interview a little later, if so, I will make sure that I post the link. Oh yeah, the tv interview I did a couple of weeks ago, I am checking to see when it will air, and when we can post my part.

Now the air quality thing......I didn't make it to work yesterday, I have been fighting some kind of respiratory bug, and then with the bad air......hell on a singer to be short of breath. High temperatures and high humidity, makes the air in these parts like toxic soup. Anybody out there want a house guest for a few days????ha ha!

I hope you all have had a good Saturday, for all of you vets, thank you for your service, your dedication, for your sacrifices. I would have sung for you all today, no matter how bad I felt, you all are the best!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Jilda,
    Feel better soon. And thank you for your song gifts to the vets. They deserve it!

  2. As you say, "let's hear it for the Vets". They so deserve it. It must be so uncomfortable for you out there with that poor air quality. Do hope that it will clear soon for you.

  3. Everyone thingks country air is always good air. In Louisville we once had air so bad 20 days every summer were air alerts where if you had breathing problems you couldn't go out. It's been much better since they tightened up the air polution standards. Maybe a good wind [not a bad wind] will arrive soon.

  4. Rain and a good wind, would be nice.

  5. With the exception of the air quality [booo!] sounds like a lovely day.

    And yes, our vets are our most important naturally treasure. Without a doubt.

  6. How wonderful to sing for the veterans! I appreciate all they do. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Thanks Jilda, I did my time in Viet Nam from 68-70. So far it hasd been quite nice here in NC & I have a blog up about our BBQ yestersay. It was a perfect Saturday. Hope you get to feeling better my friend.