Friday, May 13, 2011

Chaos and Drama

I know the moon is waxing, we did have a change in the weather today........has anyone else experienced chaos and drama the past twenty-four hours??????? At work, with friends, it seems the past twenty four hours the gremlins have been given the run of the castle and all is awry.

This is it......the mad flow of energy has to change. Almost everyone I know has experienced sadness, confusion, and turmoil of some kind for the past couple of days. Note to the universe,
enough is enough! I think we need to raise our vibrations, our energy levels if you will, and try to
tune into to the good and the positive. This stuff seems to be in a feeding frenzy.

So tonight, I have hugged my dogs, especially Blackie Bear.......he is my go to comfort. He is big and furry and cuddly, and he grunts when you hug him. Actually, I have hugged my niece's dogs today
(she is out of town and I am dog sitting) my neighbor's collie(he thinks he lives here) and all the rest of my dogs. I do feel much better. And I have thought about my dog Charlie who passed over the rainbow a while back.....I have missed his humor, his ability to raise a ruckus, and his welcome home greeting when I get in from work.

When things are so unstable, not only do I breathe, but I try to find some humor as well. I think about the goodness that is out there, and I look for beauty in the ordinary. Tonight's beauty......
the soft pale greens of spring have deepened into the rich deep greens of early summer. My humor, the neighbor's collie has moved a stack of 2x4's and dug a six inch hole trying to catch a chipmunk in our front yard. The goodness, we went to the local Relay for Life event tonight and helped our neighbors raise money for the cure.

I choose to believe the chaos and drama have moved on, slithered back into their dark corner and will not visit for awhile.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Yes Jilda the gremlins have been all over the place but at least I have my Rocky to bring me back into my comfort zone.
    Of course when I get home I have to choose the spot that I actually touch him for the first time, like over the small rug in the kitchen or out on the wood porch because when I touch him for the first time after being gone all day he "will" pee and I have to ready for that.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. Oh there has been some strange things happening in our world. Blog post to come about it later. Glad it's not just me.