Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When is a snitch, a snitch......and when and if is it ever the right thing to do? I was asked that question today? I thought it an odd question coming from adults. I was taught as a child that being a tattle tale or snitch was about as low as you go, it was right there with lying and my momma would not tolerate either behavior. My next thought was, as adults we make choices.... that is what this free will thing is all about. As friends we might counsel or advise, but when it comes down to it, we make our choices.......whether they are smart or stupid.

So when I was asked, all I could say was this......we all know in our hearts what is the right thing to do, and each of us has to be guided by our conscience. I am a true believer in following your intuition, listening to your heart. I didn't ask where the question came from or why it was being asked.....and I added that common sense guidelines such as if you knew someone was going to hurt another person, you know the drill.

But I do think that most cultures frown on snitches. And I think as Americans that word is very distasteful and no one wants that label. Trust is has to be earned. Once trust is lost, for most, there is no going is lost forever. To me, to have someone's trust is an honorable thing, to lose it, is a disgrace.

So this snitch thing, am I out of the loop, is that something that is taking place in our culture?
Are we encouraging tattle tales? Please tell me that trust still has value, and that betrayal
is still shame. Maybe "Big Brother" was never the one to fear, maybe it is ourselves.

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  1. Well I am an Aussie but as far as I am concerned snitching is not on as a rule of thumb, that said you have to use your common sense not something a lot of people have today but still if it really feels like you should tell someone about something then do a mother I would tell my children I would not believe one over the other so no point on telling on your sister as I will not just accept what you tell me is the truth not saying you are lying but you maybe trying to just get your sister into trouble and that is why I will not just take your word over it was rare that they would run and tattle on each other.....