Friday, May 20, 2011

Secret # 4

I wanted to share one more secret with you all( 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, Wayne Dyer) and that is the fourth secret.........Embrace Silence. There are days that I live for the silence.
As a singer and as a yoga teacher I do a lot of talking.....but there are times when my voice has to embrace silence. When I reach the point that I do not want to answer the phone, when I want to stay home and not speak to anyone, I know it is time for my voice to rest.

I think our bodies crave silence. We are on overload, cell phones, radio, tv, internet, street noise,
other people talking, noise is like takes over before you know it. At first silence can be unnerving......hearing nothing, or maybe just hearing nature......the sound of the wind, of birds, of your breath. But if you can take a silence break every day, turn off the cell phone(at least mute it)
turn off the radio and tv, find a place where no one is talking, and you can.......embrace silence.
It is like a cold drink of water on a hot dry day. Tonight, all I hear as I type this blog is Blackie Bear dog snoring. But I can step out on the back porch and just hear the darkness.......maybe the sound of the owl that lives behind the barn. It is all so soothing, this comfort of silence.

Embrace silence......or stillness. Mother Teresa said" We need silence to be able to touch souls."
Thoughts are birthed in silence, words, creativity, the recharging of one's batteries. Stress and worry disappear in silence, rest and joy appear when there is silence, when there is stillness.

Meditation takes us to a place of silence, that place of empty space between our thoughts.
Stillness and breath, start with five minutes a day.......see how embracing the silence fuels the body and the spirit. Suddenly, there is energy, there is joy, we see possibilities, our thoughts
are clear and we can focus.

Embrace somewhere without the radio, and turn off the cell phone. I dare you.
Just you in the breathe. Listen to your breath. Let silence be the hug you crave,
after a long hard day, let silence help you find your path, be still and listen......and hear God.
It is not easy, but it is worth it......and once you begin to experience will demand those moments, and your soul will thank you. Embrace Silence.


  1. Absolutely true! When I don't get enough silence in my day, my skin aches.

    And we HEAR so much more in conversational silence - birds chirping, the dog snoring....

  2. Silence truly is a blessing. Unfortunately, it's been eluding me for the past few weeks because of a bout of tinnitus. Without external sound of some kind, the screeching tones in my ears become maddeningly apparent and loud, and are incredibly disorienting when they're in two different pitches.

  3. That post today is so true, and what a wonderful quote by Mother Teresa - "we need silence to be able to touch souls" - beautiful. I enjoy silence I must admit.

  4. I love silence so much Jilda. That is one reason I get to work so early in the AM just to visit my blog friends in the peace and quiet of my office without noise or distractions. Good post girl.

  5. My job is noise..all day...operating rooms are much noisier that anyone would imagine..add surgeons who love hard rock blasting all day and it's enough to drive you crazy. When I leave I sit in my car for just a minute and enjoy the peace and quiet. I drive home with no radios, cell phones, nothing..just the wind from the open window...ahhhhhh.