Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Update

Rick did his bee conference today and I stayed home and took care of Taz.  This morning she was still a bit groggy from the pain meds and the surgery, but she ate.  Then came the fun part, medicine time.  It took some skill, but the meds were given.

By mid-day she had perked up, but it was cold and rainy and she hates rain.  No walking the Taz today. Hook and Kodak would walk through a hurricane, Calliou  is like Taz, no fan of the rain.

By afternoon, she was happy to see Sam and Jordan and was much more alert.  She felt well enough to enjoy one of her favorite treats.

Tonight she ate, but when it came time for meds, it took Rick and me and more than one attempt before she swallowed those nasty liquid antibiotics.

That was my Saturday,  and oh yeah, the chickens got out of the pen while Rick was at the conference.
I called in my trusty crew, Sam and Jordan and Nana and soon the girls and their fearless rooster were back where they belonged. 

Hot tea and a warm bed sound heavenly tonight.


  1. It's hard when our furbabies are sick or hurting. I hope she has a full recovery and is her old self soon. Rest up and welcome February! (a bit closer to Spring!)

  2. Thank goodness for the help getting the chickens back in. Glad Tax is doing well too. Not a bad Saturday at all !

  3. Great update, sad to read that Taz hasn't been great.