Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Blossom Love

I cut an armload of yellow bells this morning and put them in a vase on the kitchen table.  I have loved to pick bouquets since I was a very small child.  My grandmother Mamie had the most wonderful flower garden.  Her front yard was her garden and it was filled with every type of flower you could ever dream about.  There were stepping stones and paths that let you meander through the blossoms and the most wonderful part of it all...she let me pick as many flowers as I wanted.
In the summers I never left her house without flowers.

Many of the flowers in my yard came from Mamie's and my mom's yards.  The two of them passed on a love for growing things that I cherish.  This green thumb is something that I treasure, a gift that is immeasurable in its value.  As soon as there is anything blooming in the yard, I bring it into the house.  For me flowers are so beautiful and that living beauty just feeds the life in our home.
When I walk into our house and see flowers, I smile, they make me happy.

Mamie also grew roses.  Mamie's roses were not the kind you see in manicured yards these days.  Her roses were the fragrant lush heirloom ones.  Climbing roses that twisted around a trellis, 7 sisters that grew in big fat bushes and glorious white and sunny yellow ones that could intoxicate you with their sweetness.  Very few roses have any smell at all now, what's a rose without its perfume?

For me the best part of spring and summer, is when the flowers bloom and the harvests of fruits and vegetables fill my table.  Did I mention that our blueberry bushes are budding?

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  1. How wonderful to have flowers blooming. Here we are having another round of winter weather. Ice and snow...no blooms! So for now I'll have to enjoy hearing about yours.