Thursday, February 20, 2020


I brought in branches from our apricot tree a few days and put them in a vase.  Tonight I noticed they were blooming.  Even though it is in the 20's here tonight, I have vases of daffodils, forsythia, and apricot blossoms in our house.  When I walked in from work this evening, though it was damp and cold outside the blossoms made the house warm and cozy.

My sister in law Deb has a huge peace plant in their living room.  She has had pneumonia and I cooked food for she and my brother Ricky this week.  When I sat down to chat for a moment, she said look at my plant.  There were big beautiful white blooms in the midst of all those deep green leaves.  That plant makes their living room so inviting.

I love nature.  I believe with all my heart that we are a part of all living things.  I read once that when the earth suffers, all living things suffer.  I believe that.  I know this, that I can be down, I can be sick...but if I can spend some time outdoors, I feel better... mentally, physically and spiritually.

I know here in the US, it's cold and rainy and snowy.  But if you can, bundle up, go outside for a few minutes...breathe in the fresh air...look for the beauty that only winter can bring.  The bare branches, the crystal clear nights, rain drops freezing on twigs.  Maybe you can smell pine or cedar or smoke from someone's fireplace, maybe you can hear the incredible silence of snow.

Enjoy your weekend. Be kind.

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