Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Missing Calliou

It's been a day of missing Calliou.  Walking, feeding, just seeing him or rather not seeing him, it's been tough.  The other dogs miss him.  None of them would go for a walk today.  They have barely eaten.  We have taken in so many rescues through the years, but I'm telling you Calliou was one of those who stole your heart.  He chose us.  For that we will always be grateful.

It's been rainy and grey.  For a few short moments the sun came out but the clouds over powered it.
Tomorrow we go to my oldest sister's farm for blueberry bushes to add to our collection.  She has several varieties that we don't have.  The more you add to the mix, the better.  We will also plant potatoes tomorrow.  It will be a busy day.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams...another picture of Calliou, wasn't he handsome?


  1. Calliou was indeed handsome. Compliments on moving photo and excellent post. Following on GFC.

  2. He was so handsome! I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear Caillou. I hope you find some comfort in knowing how well taken care of he was and how wonderful that he found you and Rick. Take care and stay safe with the storms heading your way.

  3. Jilda, I'm so sorry for your lost. Loosing a beloved pet is almost like loosing a member of the family. We get used to their unique routines and greetings when we come home.
    Hugs, Julia