Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kodak Runs

The new dog, Kodak is boundless energy.  We take him for long walks every morning, well we walk and he runs.  Usually Lady ( Jordan's dog) and Hook run for awhile, but then Hook prefers to dig and Lady likes to walk and Kodak just runs.  Jordan has a busy schedule but a few days a week he comes by and runs with Kodak. 

Kodak loves Jordan and loves to run with him.  Jordan can actually run as fast as Kodak which is amazing to watch.  This afternoon I called Jordan and asked if he could come run with Kodak.
Kodak was beside himself when he saw Jordan bounding up the hill to our house.
There was method to my madness...I am sure Jordan is sleeping like a baby, Kodak certainly is.

More rain and cooler temps moving in tonight, but it was a mild day with moments of sunshine.
I hope your Wednesday brings joy, remember to be kind.


  1. How wonderful to have all that energy. I could only wish they could share just a tiny bit of it with me.