Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Feed The Bees

During the winter months, we have to feed the bees on days that are warm enough for them to leave the hive.  It is interesting to watch them devour sweet water and bits of honey we saved for them from last years harvest.

They come by the thousands it seems, the air alive with their search for food.  I know it  might see rather scary seeing them, but they are quite calm and gentle.

The rains have kept them in the hives today, but tomorrow, weather permitting they will look for food.  Since the blueberries are blooming and the dandelions too, we are backing off our supplementation.

Thanks for the hints on chew toys for Kodak.  Fingers crossed this chewy stage passes soon.


  1. My dog Millie is nine years old and when we first got her she chewed up every thing she could get a hold of. I still can't keep a dog bed in her dog house with out her tearing it up. I've bought the expensive one that said hard to tear up, but she fines a way. I hope the chew toys will help.

  2. Keeping those bees happy would be important. So glad to hear you have something blooming there, it gives me hope tht sooner or later Spring will work it's way north.

  3. Happy bees mean happy bees, what else..........