Sunday, February 9, 2020

Bells of Happiness

Whether you call them golden bells, yellow bells or forsythia this beautiful shrub rings in the coming of spring.   We have them planted throughout our property.  I have seen them bloom in the snow and ice or mild 70 degree days but just like daffodils when they appear, you know spring can't be far behind.

We planted a small one by Caillou's grave.  I looked at it this morning and those tiny little bells made me smile.  Oh yes, we are still missing our Caillou.

It's been a good Sunday with lots of sunshine.
We are under a flood warning again, 9 inches of rain to fall in the next 48 hours on rain soaked soil.
The extended forecast, another round of tornadoes on Wednesday and then two more days of rain.
I think it's time to build a big boat.

Be kind this week, hug those you love and I hope you laugh out loud every day.

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  1. We don't see forsythia here until late march or early April but it is one of the first flowers of Spring. I'd say it's no wonder you have tornado warnings in your forecast. Take good Care!