Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Weather Coaster

It's pouring rain tonight.  It was 70 degrees today and there's much colder air on its way, that will last a couple of days and then it will be warm again.  This winter truly has been a ride on the weather roller coaster.  We are under a tornado watch, hoping that no one has to deal with those things tonight.

We awoke to a big clap of thunder this morning and I looked for Caillou.  He was terrified of storms.  He doesn't have that to worry about now.

Tomorrow is my work day.  I am beginning to get into this one day a week gig.  Of course, I already have another class lined up and a couple of art things and a bit of music going on.  I love being able to mix things up.  Another interesting thing,  my fatigue levels have dropped by at least 75%.  For the past year I kept hearing myself say, "I am just give out."  Now I realize it was not so much physical fatigue, but emotional drain.  Giving constantly, being around such emotional conflict, definitely
took its toil.   I think my blogger friends and my family members are right, my health will improve.

If you are in the line of these storms tonight, stay safe and dry.
Tomorrow, be kind.

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  1. Glad you are getting used to the shorter work week. It does sound like you made the right decision for you. We have rain here too, but since it'll only get to a high of 32 degrees, we have the chance it will freeze and get icy out. No storms, but ice is a hazard too.