Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wild Flowers, Wild Day

If you read Rick's post tonight then you know I found our bee swarm as I walked the dogs this morning.  Taz, Calliou and Lady were not interested, but Hook wanted to dig up the peach tree.  I had visions of him covered in bees.

I got all the dogs back to the house and sent Rick a text.  We thought that when we had our first swarm one of the bee masters could come help us.  Nope, not today.  Rick did an admirable job, but we will know in the day or so if he captured the queen.

Our wild honeysuckles are blooming now.  They are scattered throughout the woods in various shades of pale pink to almost red.  A few years ago we transplanted one to our back yard.  She was a stunner this morning.

Tomorrow I see the acupuncturist and pick up our Outback.  It is not new, but will be new for me.
So excited.  Enjoy your Friday and always choose to be kind.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your bees will settle down and that everything will be as it should. I'll keep buying my honey from the local beekeeper. We had a swarm of bees right in front of our house by the river some years back. They were so noisy that I had to investigate where the noise was coming from.
    Hugs, Julia