Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wednesday Chair Class

Occasionally I teach chair yoga classes, both at the community class and my classes at work.
People are always amazed at how much alignment and stretch they can obtain in a chair.
One of the amazing things about yoga, you can do it at any stage in your life.  It really is an incredible life changing experience.  If you are worried about your first yoga class, or have some health issues, check out a gentle chair class.  You might be surprised.

We both had dental appointments this morning.  For most of the day we have had sunshine but once again rain is coming and the possibility of storms.  It was tough to have spent most of a beautiful morning inside at the dentist's.

Tomorrow is Thursday, my Friday for this week.  3 day weekend, yes!  Laugh out loud tomorrow, hug someone and for goodness sakes be kind.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I had an eye checkup yesterday and luckily there wasn't enough of a change to require new glasses but I'm having the beginning of cataracts which are no affecting my sight yet, thankfully. I'm slowly getting old.
    Hugs, Julia