Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Another good day with Jordan.  He brought his new books over this morning.  He was so excited to show us what he got.  Once again can I say how thrilled we are that he loves to read.

My men's class today was full.  The guys had experienced a difficult day so I taught a class on using yoga to help with anxiety.  One of the big issues that people often experience with anxiety is that they can't take a deep breath and because they can't take a deep breath they get more anxious.
So with yoga I teach to not focus on a deep breath, to breath as normal as possible and to focus on the exhalation instead.
When you begin to exhale slowly and controlled, the respiratory rate slows, and stress response slows down as well.

Each breath we took, each pose we did, I encouraged the guys to focus on exhaling slow with control.  Something else to remember, those two questions I always ask...Where are you?  Here.
What time is it?  Now.   Be here now. 

Something else we did, very simple balance poses.  Those rapid thoughts that fly through your mind begin to slow down as you concentrate on balance.  ( this works before you go to bed at night too)
You can do something as simple as standing on your tip toes and breathing.  Or you can place one hand on the wall or back of a chair and extend the opposite leg behind you.  Or place one hand on the back of a chair, now raise the opposite arm and lift opposite knee.  And BREATH slowly and exhale even slower.

Tomorrow I will observe the young woman I recently trained and certified as an instructor as she teaches her first official class.  I know she will be awesome.

My tea awaits.  May Thursday bring kindness and joy to us all.

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  1. You sound like a wonderful teacher and I'm sure you're also a wonderful mentor for the newbie and her first class. Thanks for the sleeping tips. Sometimes I hit the hay but can't get the brain to slow down and forget about the day stuff or the tomorrow troubles. I'll try those poses and breathing! Have a good Friday!