Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My Name

I saw an old movie come on TCM tonight, Design for Living.  Filmed in 1933, whenever I see it I try to watch just a few minutes, tonight I am recording it.  The character that I'm named after is in that movie.  She is described as a comely woman, her name is Jilda.  Actually I think they might have spelled it with a G, I would love to see a copy of the script.  But both the men in the movie who are in love with her pronounce it Jilda.

In 1952 when I was born,  my mom had already had 6 children.  I think she was not too concerned with names.  An older brother asked her to name the baby Jilda if it was a girl.  It seems he had a crush on a young girl in his class named Jilda.  My mom gladly granted his wish.  He married a Shelia.

As a teenager I knew my brother's friend Jilda and her family well.  Her parents were friends of my parents and we all lived in the same small town.  I asked her mom once how she came up with the name Jilda.  She laughed and said I saw a movie about a girl named Jilda and just loved that name.
I thought maybe it had been the movie Gilda, but she said no it starred Gary Cooper and Miriam Hopkins and was not the one with Rita Hayworth.  She said in the movie they called the girl Jilda so she figured it was spelled Jilda, not Gilda.

It's a pretty racy story for 1933, a love triangle, one woman, two men.  If you get a chance watch it sometime.  And there you have it, for any of you who wondered where my name came from.

Tomorrow is hump day.  The past two days have gone by so fast.  Stay warm, be kind and laugh out loud at least once tomorrow.


  1. I was named after Denise Darcel, a French actress who came to the U.S. in the late 40s.

  2. I was named after Ike Eisenhower's gr-daughter Susan for some odd reason. My brother wanted a "sister Susie".

  3. The movie doesn't sounds familiar to me but it's funny that you were named after a movie character.
    I hope the name has brought you good luck.
    Hugs, Julia