Saturday, March 16, 2019

Bee Rick

Our Saturday started at 5:30 am this morning.  Rick and our nephew Haven drove 20 miles south of here to get our bees.  By about 8:00 am the bees and their hives were settled in down in the orchard.

We soon left for Birmingham to see the acupuncturist.  I had not been in a couple of weeks and it was time to get a tune up.  Then we went car shopping.  We have a Honda, but to be honest I have missed having a larger vehicle.  My old Volvo, Ingrid was the perfect size.  She could haul all my yoga stuff and when we had a music gig she could haul all our equipment with room to spare.  When we load the Honda for a gig there is barely room for us.

We have been researching used autos for about a year.  So today, the search for a slightly worn Subaru Outback began.  I have a wish list and I think we will find the perfect vehicle soon.  I thought we had discovered it today, all the qualifications but one.  We want leather seats and this one had cloth.  We have found hauling all the stuff around that leather is so much more durable.  It's not like we have to have something tomorrow, so we are taking our time and making sure that we find what we like and can afford.

Tomorrow is another packed day.  Birthday lunch for my sister and then of course there is St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, I will be cooking corn beef, colcannon and Irish soda bread.  We will have a feast tomorrow night.

I made sure to take a photo of Rick in his Bee Keeper clothing today.  I think he looks so professional.  My suit is on its way.  Can't wait until our first batch of honey!


  1. Rick looks like a "honey" of a beekeeper! Good luck and I'm sure you'll have a very sweet harvest soon!

  2. Good luck with the car hunting and the bee keeping. The pay off will be wonderful on toasts.
    Hugs, Julia