Saturday, March 23, 2019


It has been one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  Friends and family have called, texted and sent cards and letters.  I have received messages that made me cry because they were so loving.
We had lunch today with my best friend Kaye and her husband Jamie at the Cajun Steamer and the food and company was awesome.

We have found a car, and our sales rep has requested it be be brought to Birmingham.  So it looks as if sometime next week we will have a vehicle. 

My day started with a trip to the eye doc, eyes swollen from allergies but it has been such a beautiful day filled with so much kindness that I have cried several times.  Now my eyes are swollen from tears of joy.

The photo is mine and Samantha's rescue garden.  When she was 9 years old she and I went into the woods behind the barn and dug up wild flowers because the company that owned the property  was having it clear cut.  She will be 29 on April 2.  I showed the little spot to Jordan this afternoon and told him the story.  ( I don't think he was impressed.)

I hope your day has been as wonderful as mine.  Tonight my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the love and kindness that I have been showered with today.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I'm glad that you had a beautiful birthday.
    Take care. Hugs, Julia