Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Jordan spent most of the day with us.  We had given him a gift card to Books A Million for his birthday.  His mom took him to the bookstore on Saturday to spend it.  When he got here this morning he spent an hour telling us in great detail about the books he got.  I love the fact that he gets excited about books.  Just like his mom, and his Uncle Rick and Aunt Jilda he can spend hours in a bookstore.  Most of us in my family love to read, I think my mom passed it down or maybe it just ended up in our DNA.  But I appreciate the fact that she encouraged reading and always had books around.

Rick bought me a new book for my birthday.  The Martha Manual by Martha Stewart,  or how to do (almost) everything.  It is an amazing book with directions on everything from painting your house to knitting to taking care of pets and most everything in between.

Not sure if it's the high pollen count, the weather changes or maybe  we both picked up a bug, but Rick and I both have not felt the best today.  Not really sick, but achy and fatigued and out of sorts, it's just very unusual for both of us not to feel well at the same time.

Our hot tea awaits and so does bed.  I am excited about both.
Sweet dreams


  1. Everyone in my family loves books too. I have Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, with 744 pages, the essential guide to caring for everything in your home book. It's a heavy book.
    Hope you're feeling well this morning.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I'd never think of getting a Martha book. Will have to head to B/N.
    I ache and sneeze as well.