Sunday, March 3, 2019

More Pink

It's our season in hell.  Tornadoes ripped through south Alabama today, last update 14 were killed.
What can we expect?  A couple of days ago, it was near 80, tonight it's dropping to 24.
A friend who lives out of state sent me a text to make sure we were safe.  We are.  But it is the season, and those tornadoes that struck today could just have easily hit us.  Actually it is unusual for South Alabama to have those big storms, usually they deal more with hurricanes.

What has been so unusual for the past couple of months, we are having storms and lots of thunder and lightening even when the temps are cold.  I feel for those who were hit today.  They will remember the destruction for the rest of their lives.

After the storms and rain moved through here this afternoon, I went outside and cut as many of my pink camellias that I could without damaging the plant.  I know when the temps drop tonight, so will the buds and blooms.  She is far too beautiful to let that happen. 

I hope this week brings you joy, laugh out loud, be kind.

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  1. How lovely!

    Weather changes are all over. We are in a desert climate, but have been having rain for 4 weeks, off and on. It is amazing and maybe wildfires won't be so common.